Sani-99 Environmental

Sani-99 and the environment

Sani-99™ is not just an amazing multiple use product, but unlike most medical grade disinfectants, it also offers a huge range of environmental benefits.

Sani-99 ENVIRONMENTAL Benefits

Sani-99 carbon footprint

Sani-99 offers additional carbon footprint savings when compared to a standard disinfectant or hand sanitiser.

built in carbon reduction

Adding the power of Sani-99 to a sachet, means each sachet you use is saving 116 grams of carbon, just from re-using a bottle.

Taking carbon off the roads

One lorry can transport the equivalent of 88400 litres of Sani-99 ,whereas your standard 1 litre bottle ships only 45698 bottles.

Thats saves 2789 kg of Co2.

SANI-99 AND your health

Find out how Sani-99 is great for the health of the users, your environment, family and customers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the world with a safer, greener, and more sustainable range of hygiene products, using natural solutions designed to be beneficial for human health & equally, great for the planet.