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A Bit About Us

The history of Feed a Field Hygiene™ goes all the way back to 2003 when the Directors of Big Apple Group became concerned about the damage done by chemical based fertilisers and the long terms effects of plastic pollution (long before it became fashionable).

The Big Apple Group was purchased by a competitor , but that drive to make a difference never went away.

The owners of the Big Apple Group went on to create our award winning sister organisation , The Pure Option™ that uses natural plant based materials to the solve the un-natural problem of single use plastics, using a natural plant based alternative.

Our current Managing Director is also the Managing Director of The Pure Option™ and is using the same ethos of finding a natural solution led approach to the problem of harmful chemicals.

Our mission is  to bring the world a range of Products for a Cleaner & Greener Planet™, and this ethos drives us today.

We now have a range of hygiene products (with more currently being researched) that are designed to be safe to use, and designed to be completely non toxic to the planet and the user.

We just don't like nasty environmentally damaging chemicals and like all of our businesses, if it isn't good for you and the planet, we just don't sell it.

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This is the best place to find out what we do, why we do it and why ethical anc positive corporate citizenship matters to us.


Our mission is to provide the world with a safer, greener, and more sustainable range of hygiene products, using natural solutions designed to be beneficial for human health & equally, great for the planet.