Sani-99 Disinfectant, Anti Bacterial & Hand Sanitiser

What is Sani-99

Sani-99 PRODUCT Benefits 

Ideal for your home

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Sani-99 Vs The competition

We know we are biased, but we know that our medical grade Sani-99 is better than the competition by a quite considerable distance, but don't take our word for it , compare it to the competition.

Where to use Sani-99

Sani-99 is designed to be an easy to use multiple area solution to sanitising your home, your work and your environment and as its medical grade, its highly effective, no matter where you use it.

Sani-99 is effective when used in areas of high people traffic or even when used around household pets and as it's completely non toxic so it's safe for you, your customers and your team.

It's adaptable, versatile and safe to use.










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Our mission is to provide the world with a safer, greener, and more sustainable range of hygiene products, using natural solutions designed to be beneficial for human health & equally, great for the planet.